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Updated Info – Upgraded Motorola CP200D

The Motorola CP200 was discontinued in the Fall of 2104.  But don’t fear it was replaced by the upgraded CP200D.  Motorola must have been reading our post, the only knock we had on the CP200 was that it was not MotoTRBO Digital compliant but, with the new CP200D, that problem is solved.  The Motorola CP200D comes in either an analog or digital version, with the ability to upgrade the CP200D analog when you want to move to digital.

The new CP200D uses the same battery, charger, and audio accessories as the CP200 model, so users of the CP200D will have a easy migration to the CP200 model.

Check out the new CP200D MotoTRBO Radio

If you have any questions on the new CP200D please give us a call at 1-877-721-7070 or contact us.


Motorola CP200 Radio – Durable Radio For Any Budget

Motorola CP2001We deal daily with construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and volunteer fire departments with a common request – “We need a durable radio because our guys can be hard on equipment, but I don’t want to break my budget.”  The Motorola CP200 radio is exactly what they need. The Motorola CP200 is Motorola’s best selling radio…EVER!!! The great combination of durability, performance and pricing is exactly what most customers in blue and grey collar businesses are looking for.

What We Hear From Our Customers

Durable – Motorola’s CP200 offers exceptional durability and has been tested rigorously in compliance with US Military Standards. Our customers strongly recommend this radio because they stand up to some of the most demanding conditions. In the field, this radio holds up very well in some very difficult conditions like rain, snow, and the notoriously cold Canadian winters.

2-year warranty – The CP200 comes with Motorola’s 2-year industry-leading warranty. Having this warranty allows you the peace of mind for budgeting and future costs. Our customers have let us know that having expectation on what a radio will cost each year is important for their budgeting.

Long battery life – The Lithium Ion battery provides up to 11 hours of battery life at high power. Having a long battery life keeps up productivity and efficiency all day to maintain effectiveness. A large number of our customers work longer than average days or could be on site longer than expected.  Having a battery that lasts those extra few hours is very important to them.

Why Not 5 Stars?

The major down side of the Motorola CP200 is that it currently does not come in a MotoTRBO Digital version. A number of businesses are making the move to digital because of the expand-ability, the ability to send data messages, and the exceptional audio quality in noisy environments. These are all great features, but for customers that need basic radio communications in environments that can, at times be harsh, at a reasonable cost, the Motorola CP200 is a great radio.

Download the Motorola CP200D Brochure The CP200D is our best selling Motorola portable radio. Ideal for everyday communication, the CP200D is right at home in industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, construction, and more.  Download Now

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