With the summer coming soon, hotels are starting to prepare for the increase in vacationing families and tourists visiting all the great locations in Canada. Regardless if you are a hotel in Banff, Toronto, or Halifax, you have the same pressure to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase customer service. Motorola two way radios are a great tool to help with these objectives, and in this blog post, we want to help guide you to the most popular radios that are in the market for the hotel and hospitality industry.

1. Motorola SL7550 Digital Radio

This is a new radio to the Motorola product portfolio, but is quickly becoming a favorite for the hospitality industry. The Motorola SL7550 is about the size of your iPhone or Blackberry and has all the functionality of a professional two way radio. The SL7550 is very easy to carry throughout the day, and has the added benefit of being Bluetooth capable and able to use wireless earpieces. Great for managers, this radio connects you to your staff in less than 1 second.

2. Motorola DTR650 On-site Digital Radio

The DTR650 is a staff favourite, because it works so well and is easy to use for small and medium hotels. The DTR650 is license free, so radios can be shipped to you in less than a day – and there is no extra charges or paperwork from Industry Canada. Customers love this radio for its simplicity and with low pricing, it can fit any hotels budget.

3. Motorola CP185 Radio

The CP185 is a very cost effective and reliable radio for hotels. The Motorola CP185’s compact size, long lasting battery and overall compatibility to other radios have made this two way radio a favorite for thehHospitality industry. We currently use this radio in our rental fleet for all events and applications.

4. Motorola XPR3300 Digital Radio

Like your TV and cell phone, two way radios are moving on to a digital platform and the XPR3300 is a digital radio for MotoTRBO systems. Hotels that want to enable their fleet for the move to digital radio technology are selecting the Motorola XPR3300. The XPR3300 can be upgraded to include IMPRES battery technology and has great benefits like better in-building use and longer battery life.

One Last thought – Accessories

The hospitality industry has some unique requirements for their business. Supplying excellent customer service in a discreet environment is key, and Motorola surveillance accessories like earpieces and Bluetooth audio accessories help with this. Cost effective and easy to use, customers find the audio accessories are the added value to the radios. They also look professional.

Hope this helps in your search for two way radios for your hotel. It can be a complex process, but this should be a great place to start. Contact us today if you require further information.

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