January 2014

worker at construction site in vest with mobile tablet

Wireless Trends for 2014 #3 – Growth of Rugged Two Way Radios & Devices

In 2014, our lives aren’t going to get any less demanding, nor will we communicate any less. In fact, our two way radios and mobile devices are only going to become more important as we continue to take them everywhere we go, and demand they function optimally in a range of conditions – particularly in… Read More»

tractor farmer on radio

Agriculture Industry’s Best Motorola VHF Two Way Radios

Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world. And with over 205,730 farms at an average size of 778 acres, the Canadian agricultural and agri-food system sector rely on two way radios to connect the 2.1 million people it employs directly and indirectly – from sharing real-time information in the fields,… Read More»

two way radios

Best Selling Motorola Radios for the Forestry Industry

It comes as no surprise the forestry industry is one of Canada’s largest employers, providing nearly 900,000 direct and indirect jobs. Not only does Canada’s forestry sector rely on two way radios to power in-the-bush communication, but forestry plants and operations – including wood, pulp for paper, industrial round wood, and more – rely heavily… Read More»

maintenance worker on radio

Top Motorola Two Way Radios for Property Management

Several unique aspects need to be considered when meeting the communication needs of property management companies. Property management organizations and their employees use two way radios in a diverse set of circumstances – from facilitating communication on and across properties to tenant relations, security and maintenance-related activities. Property Management Sector’s Communication Demands It is necessary… Read More»

truck driver on radio

Top Three Motorola VHF Mobile Radios for the Transportation Industry

Canada is the second largest country on earth, and its transportation system reflects this. The country has more than 1,400,000 kilometres of roads, 10 major international airports, 300 smaller airports, 72,093 km of rail and more than 300 commercial ports and harbours that provide access to the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans as well as… Read More»

heavy equipment operator holds handheld device

Wireless Trends — User Expectation of Wireless Anytime, Anywhere

Users Expect to Communicate Any Time, Anywhere A trend that will increasingly shape the way organizations use and implement wireless systems is users’ growing expectation to have access to wireless communication anytime, anywhere. People expect to be able to communicate and retrieve information quickly and easily, regardless of time or location—both in their professional and personal… Read More»