Victoria and Vancouver Island Motorola Two Way Radio Dealers


Organizations in Victoria and across Vancouver Island rely on two way radios to enhance safety and boost productivity in a wide assortment of applications. In fact, two way radios are frequently used in Vancouver Island’s logging, fishing and tourism industries while Victoria’s burgeoning IT and technology sector also experiences a high adoption rate of two way radio technology.

Below you can find a list of Motorola two way radio dealers in Victoria and Vancouver Island:

Grover Communications Inc.  

Located in Nanaimo, BC, Grover has over 25 years’ of two way radio experience. Grover’s core service areas include Motorola two way radio products, accessories and installations as well as two way radio rentals and mobile data products.

Alberni Communications

A Motorola dealer in Port Alberni BC, Alberni Communications offers clients Motorola portables, mobiles, base stations, repeaters, rentals and installations.

Quinsam Radio Communications   

Quinsam Communications has been in operation since 1986, providing communication services to small and medium businesses throughout Central and North Vancouver Island. They offer Motorola two way radio sales, service, repair and programming.

RadioWorks Communications

RadioWorks is a locally owned and operated business in Victoria. For almost 25 years RadioWorks have offered Motorola two way products, including two way radio sales, rentals accessories and licenses.

Aside from these dealers in Victoria and Vancouver Island, consider addressing your Motorola two way radio needs with Canada’s local dealer – Nova Communications. As Canada’s largest online radio specialist, Nova Communications assists customers across the country in putting two way radios to work, spanning a diverse array of applications and environments. Talk to a two way radio expert today, toll free: 1-877-721-7070 or try the FREE Motorola Portable Radio Selection Guide below.

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