May 2015

truck driver on radio

Motorola Radio Rentals – The Smart Solution for Construction Sites

If you are an owner or project manager of a construction business, no doubt you have faced the decision of whether to buy, lease, or rent equipment for a specific project or  job. When you consider your communication needs on a job site, you may be less than happy with the prospect of investing in… Read More»

hotel manager communicating on two-way radio

Wireless Technology: Transforming Your Hotel to a Five Star Success Story

From the moment your guests walk in the door, you want their stay to be memorable for all the right reasons. Wireless technology can help to make this possible, while providing you and your staff with the tools you need to make your hotel facilities more safe and secure for everyone on-site. Having the right… Read More»

An attractive mid adult woman scanning product through cell phone application at department store.

From Brick To Click: How Mobile Devices are Changing The Retail Experience

Times are changing, but traditional brick and mortar retail stores are unsure how to change with them. According to Zebra Technologies, over 80% of shoppers use their mobile devices as a key part of their shopping experience. Thus, as mobile and digital technology is changing how people find and make a purchase, retailers that don’t… Read More»

power line hydro worker

3 Reasons Two Way Radios Are Better Than Cellular Phones In An Emergency

In case of a emergency within your company or a natural disaster, how will you keep in contact with your employees? The reality is, no matter how good your mobile phone service is, if the lines are overburdened, or if they are inaccessible, you’ll be without communication. This isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a situation… Read More»

tug boats alongside pier in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Top Three Communication Tips for Sailing Offshore

Regardless of whether you work in fisheries, are delivering goods by ship, cruising with friends, or sailing a yacht in a race, the ability to communicate reliably while traveling offshore is critical. Consistent communication allows you to update others ashore, access weather data, be prepared during an emergency situation and more. We’ve identified our top three… Read More»

two nurses communicating with mobile device

On the Pulse: Boost Productivity & Save Lives with Wireless Technology for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, details aren’t just important, they’re critical. In fact, the details of any given situation can make the difference in saving lives. As a result, it’s integral that healthcare facilities stay on the forefront of wireless and mobile technology that enables seamless processes and communication. Equipped with smart wireless technology, your staff… Read More»