June 2015

man in warehouse on two way radio

Do I need to upgrade my Two-way Radio System to Digital?

With the advent of digital two way radio technologies like Motorola’s MotoTRBO and Kenwood’s Nexedge systems in recent years, many two way radio users are wondering if it is time to upgrade to a digital two way radios system. There are a number of factors to consider when making a choice, and not every company is the… Read More»

Radius CP200 motorola radio

Motorola CP200 Series Two Way Radio Battery Options

Everyday we get calls from customers wondering which battery will fit on their Motorola CP200 or Motorola CP200d two way radios. We thought we would take a couple of minutes and see if we can help you by giving an easy guide for our customers. A couple of interesting facts about the Motorola CP200 Series… Read More»