October 2015

Canadian Rail Worker Two Way Radio

Five Questions to Ask When Buying Two Way Radio Equipment for Your Employees

You already know that different departments within your business use their equipment very differently. A two way radio or walkie talkie that works great inside the office, or sitting and never exposed to the elements, may work very differently in the field, where equipment is exposed to much harsher use and considerable wear and tear. That… Read More»

petro chemical plant industry

Intrinsically Safe Radios – What Motorola Radio Do I Need for Safety?

Environments in which workers expose themselves to combustible vapours and dust must take precaution when using any kind of electronic equipment. This holds true for two way radios as well. Many components on radios provide the risk for creating conditions which might trigger an uncontrollable reaction or explosion. Industries like mining, petrochemical processing and refinement,… Read More»