March 2016

Satellite Phone

Three Benefits of Renting a Satellite Phone Instead of Buying

Satellite phones, once seen as a luxury item for adventurous souls, are essential devices for any business that operates globally or in remote areas. Instead of connecting to cellular phone towers, like ordinary mobile phones, satellite phones connect directly to satellites via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In short, this means satellite phone coverage… Read More»

skier woman on two way radio

Two Way Radios for Skiing and Snowboarding: What to Know Before You Buy

You may think that two way radios are just for construction workers, emergency personnel and other businesses where efficient communication is crucial, but the fact is that they have a lot of value for everyday use in our non-working lives. Especially in areas with little to no cell phone coverage, two way radios are an… Read More»

power line hydro worker

Do Your Two Way Radios Operate in Tough Conditions? Motorola Two Way Radios Meet Military Standards

It’s no secret that military operations are conducted under all sorts of conditions and circumstances. These operations require men and women who are physically tough and mentally resilient – ready to go at a moment’s notice. Those operations also require equipment that will be exposed to extremes not normally experienced in the civilian world, and… Read More»

construction worker in hard hat on two way radio

Motorola HT750 & HT1250 Canceled – What Are Your Upgrade Options?

Upgrade Options for Customers with Motorola’s HT750 and HT1250 Radios Motorola has a long-standing reputation for creating some of the most durable and high-quality two way radios on the market. In particular, their HT750 and HT1250 radios were extremely popular with those in manufacturing, construction and fire departments. The reason was due to these radios having… Read More»

Electronic Logging for Fisheries

Nova Communications’ Partner Zebra Technologies Awarded Visionary Status: What Does This Mean To You?

Here at Nova Communications, we are proud that our partner, Zebra Technologies, has achieved visionary status with their T5 Power Broadband Solutions and Zatar IoT platform. These powerful technologies are used in urban commercial settings, as well as in remote regions. That Gartner Inc., a prestigious international company, took notice of our partner’s achievements, is… Read More»

truck driver on radio

Can You Hear Me Now? Four Most Common Issues With Two Way Radios

Two way radios are extremely useful tools for simple and quick communication in a variety of challenging and critical environments. Generally, two way radios are used on job sites that can be messy, fast-paced and used in all weather conditions like construction zones, remote oil and gas sites, or in quick and demanding environments like hotels… Read More»

heavy equipment operator holds handheld device

How To Make Your Wireless Networks Industrial Strength

Workers in demanding environments outside of office spaces also require strong and reliable wireless network at all times. Poor WiFi performance can make meeting the demands of a rugged workforce a challenge, impacting both productivity and reliability. Fortunately, there are ways to enhance performance on your wireless networks. The following information details how to make… Read More»

KLM 777 at gate with ramp worker on two way radio

Introducing the ICOM A120 Aviation VHF Mobile Radio

ICOM has released their new A120 Aviation VHF Mobile Radio as an upgrade to their A110 model. The A120 comes with many of these same features as the A110 (like the side tone function and the on-hook scan) as well as several improvements and upgrades – plus a very nice price point compared to other… Read More»

man enters inventory into tablet or mobile device on wireless network

Six Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance is Smart for Your Wireless Networks

There’s no denying that wireless technology creates more efficient workplaces. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies becoming more prevalent in companies today, you have a lot more to do in taking care of all your mobile devices. You rely on your network to communicate with employees on-site and out in the field, so keeping… Read More»