June 2016

canada day flag fireworks

Canada Day – Why We Care At Nova Communications

On this Canada Day, we want to let you know why Canada is so important to Nova Communications. You see, like each of you, we are proud to be Canadian. As a Canadian company, we’re honoured to serve our customers across the country, from British Columbia to Newfoundland. From our customers in the manufacturing industry at Metrie, to the Original Cakerie in Delta… Read More»

canada flag with fireworks celebrating canada day

A Canada Day Wish From Nova Communications

This Canada Day, Nova Communications is reflecting on what it means to be an Atlantic Canadian company. The east coast of Canada is made up of salt of the earth people that work hard to support the region and make the place we call home a better place. The people we have been honoured to… Read More»

peter co-op student at Nova Communications

Industrial Wireless Network Support Doesn’t End With Install

One of the core values of Nova Communications is to put our customers first, and helping them to be successful. We are a results-driven business, with the aim to deliver for customers and exceed the standard. This work ethic does not end with the install of your new industrial wireless network or technology – and… Read More»

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Battery Options for HT750 or HT1250 Radios: IMPRES and non-IMPRES Batteries as Industry Leaders

Motorola never stops innovating on their two way radio technologies, but they all need suitable battery power to operate efficiently. The company takes this seriously by providing the best batteries you need to keep communication going during various workplace situations. It’s in Motorola’s HT-series of radios where you get the most durability, ruggedness and reliability… Read More»

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How Earpieces Can Improve Your Two Way Radio Experience

Communication in a work environment is key, and many industries require specific means of communication in order to maintain efficiency in the workplace. In a number of businesses focused on customer service, earpieces have become a proven tool for effective customer and client satisfaction. The Key Advantages Customer Experience – There is no need to… Read More»

man uses iphone & ipad on wireless network

Cellular M2M Technology – How Does It Benefit Business?

Businesses have started recognizing the benefit of M2M cellular modem technology in workplaces and enterprises, as a tool to increase productivity and quickly modify information in real-time. Many of these advantages have been explored in a variety of industries due to its price for performance capabilities, some are still being developed. Nova Communications has branched… Read More»

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Examining the Benefits of Radios vs. Cellular for Business Use

Cell phones are a ubiquitous part of our society today. For the first time last year, more Canadians owned mobile devices than landlines, thanks to their increasing functionality. As a result, it may not come as a shock that many businesses have begun the switch to mobile devices for their workplace communication. But is that really… Read More»

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How Long Will It Take to Get My Two Way Radio Product?

If you have decided to equip your business with two way radios, the next step is to establish a plan. You need to train your workforce on their use, and establish procedures that encompass the training. But all of that can only be possible if you know when you can begin the process. Keep reading… Read More»

worker in vest on Motorola Two-Way Radios

Deciding Between Digital vs. Analog Two Way Radios

Digital two way radios are the future for a number of industries, in fact a number of businesses have made the transition to the technology already. With a number of advancements in the technology, digital radios have become a daily communication tool for a number of enterprises. But it’s not the answer for everyone. Changing… Read More»

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Five Reasons Renting Two Way Radios Is Ideal for Seasonal Industries

When you work in a seasonal industry, the length of your work can vary from year-to-year, as can your requirements for equipment. Having the best communication tools, however, is critical from day one – and working with a rental company is one of the best ways to ensure that happens. If you’ve been thinking about… Read More»