October 2016

man using XPR two-way radio

8 Dependable Features of the Motorola XPR3300e and How They Benefit You

It’s not often you find a two way radio that can really tick all your boxes. But, with excellent value and best-in-class audio features, and at a cost effective price, the MotoTRBO XPR3300e is really an all industry solution for your communications needs. We know the issues you have with communication in the workplace –… Read More»

hospitality hotel worker with two way radio

3 Fantastic Walkie Talkie Options to Elevate Your Customer Service

Better customer service in work environments drives customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction means repeat sales. You and your team work hard to ensure that the efforts you provide does not go unnoticed by your customers, and that questions and help are taken care of as quickly and as effectively as possible. That doesn’t mean, however,… Read More»

mining workers using two way radio

Lengthening Portable Two Way Radio Batteries with Proper Maintenance

Do your portable radio batteries seem to drain quicker than you’d like? Batteries rely on a chemical reaction to generate voltage. Therefore, the life of the battery depends on the integrity of the surfaces generating the chemical reaction. If the material and the external shell are not cared for in a proper fashion, their characteristics… Read More»

Supply Chain Management Solutions

3 Top Two Way Radios for Manufacturing and Warehousing

The industries that make use of two way radios are vast, and may come as a surprise to those not using them. Although the technology has been around for more than 80 years, it’s important to note that developments such as digital frequency, durability standards, and advances in audio and battery technology have enabled two… Read More»

two way radios

Celebrating Two Way Radio Day at Nova Communications

’10-4.’ ‘Copy that.’ ‘Affirmative.’ It doesn’t matter how you say it, if you’ve used a two way radio, walkie talkie or CB radio in your life, for either business or pleasure, you’ve probably said one of these terms a time or two to indicate a message is received. Since 1978, October 4 (10-4) in the… Read More»