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The industries that make use of two way radios are vast, and may come as a surprise to those not using them. Although the technology has been around for more than 80 years, it’s important to note that developments such as digital frequency, durability standards, and advances in audio and battery technology have enabled two way radios to continue to be an important communication tool in the workplace for productivity, customer service, and safety.

But, each industry using a two way radio has different needs – whether it’s longer range, enhanced audio performance or battery life. We at Nova Communications know that your needs vary per industry. As such, we’ve decided to put together a ‘what industry, what products’ list for our customers to provide a sense of the best options for two way radios for the users needing the product.

This week, we will start with a review of two prominent industries that use two way radios – manufacturing and warehousing – and discuss the good, better and best options for your communication needs.

With increased pressure from consumers, you need a form of communication that enables coordination on the floor, reduces costs, but also ensures safety in the workplace. Manufacturing and warehousing facilities have a number of teams and jobs that need to be working together, as one, to be successful. These businesses also have environments that require rugged and durable equipment that can operate for long shifts, in continual use, and will hold up if dropped during operations.  Other requirements like crystal clear audio that are not hindered by noise levels, Batteries that can work a full shifts, and  features that insure your employees are kept safe, like lone-worker options and intrinsically safe certifications.

Here are a few radio options:

Good: DTR650 – With up to 19 hours of battery life, clear audio, and at a very attractive price point, this is a very versatile digital two-way radio.  With coverage over most medium sized warehouse and manufacturing facilities the DTR650 has become a proven tool for our customers.  Also one of the great features of the DTR650 radio is that the model a Licence free.  This means easy to implement and a lower operating cost long term.

Better: XPR3300e – Known for its audio quality, this radio takes communication to a new level – and an excellent valued two way radio. Features include Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts volume to compensate for background noise. The ability to operate in both analog and digital frequencies, allows customers the ability to migrate their old analog system to digital on your timeline and budget.  Also recently with the new “E” Series of XPR radio, there are now batteries that can last over 24 hours in operation, which is a big advantage to around the clock operations.

Best: XPR7550e – You want something that can really withstand your industry? Well this is it. Perfect for demanding users, the XPR7550e radio is IP68 certified and Military Spec’d for 810 C, D, E, F, G. What does that mean? These devices are submersible to a depth of 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes, as well as protected against dust ingress. To make a long story short – these radios can hold up to your toughest user. Also with the large speaker and intelligent audio, these radios deliver loud and clear communications. Also to safeguard your staff the XPR7550e radio has a large orange emergency button that can be programmed to be an emergency call alert. Other safety features like mandown, loan worker, and intergrated Bluetooth technology can be set up in the XPR7550e radio to protect your team as they work.

For volatile conditions that may existing in your operation, we offer the XPR7550 CSA IS radio that is certified CSA intrinsically safe.  For those work environments where exposure and May flammable gas and vapours are a factor.

Whether it’s warehousing or manufacturing, we know you work in demanding work environments that requires effective communication for both efficiency and, above all else, safety. Both these industries require a durable tool for that communication – and Motorola two way radios are the answer.

Don’t see your industry in this list? Check back next week when we’ll review three more industries and the good, better and best options for two way radios. Can’t wait that long? Contact one of our two way radio experts who can help you navigate the ins and outs and choose the radio that’s best for your team.

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  1. Michael Torrance

    I work in a 470,000 sq ft warehouse with multiple temperatures and full of racking. Would it be possible to try out pairs of a couple models to see the response from the people that use them? We would like to “test drive” to ensure when we upgrade from our current system it will be an improvement, not just a lateral move. Is this something that could be possible?

    Thank you,
    Cheers Mike Torrance

    • melaniesolomon

      Hi there Michael! Thanks for reaching out. A Nova Communications team member will be in touch to ensure we answer your questions!

  2. George Schmidt

    Looking for a secure 2 way radio solution for a Licenced Cannabis growing environment in Ontario. We currently used a standard FRS two way system and due to security concerns can no longer use this technology. We need a 2 way system that we can count on that will be secure for our employees to talk freely without providing trade secrets / production info etc., outside of our walls.

    • nadinemansour

      Hi George,
      We will be in touch with you via email. We definitely have solutions to meet your needs.

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