November 2016

Warehouse worker uses two-way radio

Upgrading Your Two Way Radio? Nova Helps Protect Your Investment

New technologies can be a daunting thing – as human beings we get stuck in our ways and would rather stick with the familiar than branch out into the unknown. For users of two way radios, or those considering using the technology in the workplace, your focus is likely on improving safety and efficiency, and… Read More»

Customer Service Communications the Key to Wowing Clients

Customer service is different than it used to be. In the past, it was a reactive process in that if there were complaints, or people wanted a certain product or service, you had to react to that as an individual in a company and ensure that your customer left satisfied. Now, with the advent of… Read More»

Maintenance worker uses two-way radio

Two Way Radio Durability – What the IP Rating Means for You

If you are working in Canadian industries, your job is tough, and you put in long hard hours to get your job done. If you’re a two way radio user, you’re doing so for one or all of the following reasons – productivity, communication and safety. All of those reasons require a device that can… Read More»

Maritime workers use two-way radios

6 Critical Reasons to Consider the Motorola XPR7550e Radio

When you’re out in your work environment, you know there is one tie to you and the rest of your team – communication. Having the best communication tools in place means that, at the touch of a button, you can relay important message that not only increase efficiency in the workplace, but also ensure that… Read More»

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Why Are We Still Using Two Way Radios? 10 Key Reasons Why

Many people who work in industries that do not require constant communication among colleagues may not see the value in two way radios. If the concerns or values of your operational teams do not fall into the productivity, safety or customer service category, there is a good chance you’ll never see the value in the… Read More»

MOTOTRBO two-way radio used by maintenance man

Motorola Announces Intent-to-Cancel Digital Radio Models, Releases Replacement Models

Want longer battery life, better range and clarity than you thought possible in a digital two way radio? Motorola has launched its latest technology in the MotoTRBO line of digital two way radios – and the benefits are plentiful. The “E” series of digital radios provides both portable and mobile digital radio options with a… Read More»

water tower with blue sky

Nova Introduces Service Agreement Support for Customers

We want to save you money, time and reduce frustration. Imagine if you could ensure that the systems you buy from Nova are kept up-to-date, will work when you need it most, and that you know the full support cost of the product – no guessing games or hidden fees. Here at Nova Communications, we’ve… Read More»

nova communications offices

Nova Welcomes International Engineer to Team

The team at Nova Communications grew this summer by one. Adeola Gbadeboi joined the team in August as part of a three month placement to further expand his engineering skills to work in Canada. Adeola moved to Nova Scotia in March from Nigeria, where he earned his Bachelor and Master Degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering,… Read More»

poppies in field

The Importance of Remembrance Day to Nova Communications

Each day, Canadian military members stationed across the country and around the world protect us and keep our children, family and friends out of harm’s way. The members of the Canadian Forces are strong, resilient people who put their lives on the line, and go face-to-face with the most unimaginable situations – and do so… Read More»

Retail store cashier using two-way radio

4 Key Ways Two Way Radios Improve Staff Communications

For supply chain businesses, customer service is number one. You’ll be challenged to be number one if your customers aren’t happy. If they aren’t happy, there is a good chance they will go and find a different business that will satisfy their needs. Ultimately, if you take the right steps, you will be the business… Read More»