December 2016


3 Reliable Two Way Radio Options for Education and Health Care

If you’re working in either health or education, you have lives on the line in your day-to-day work – whether it’s the patients you’re helping or the students you’re teaching, they rely on you to keep them safe. Part of what keeps those people safe is communication when it matters most – and throughout your… Read More»


The Values of Customer Experience:
How It Drives Results for Managers, Associates and Customers

By the year 2020, customer experiences are expected to overtake price and products as brand differentiators. It’s not hard to see that there is great value in excellent customer service. As a retailer or customer service focused business, you know the challenge and pressures of today’s consumers and the growing needs of meeting their demands.… Read More»


3 Reliable Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radios for Oil & Gas Operations

With the oil and gas industry in Canada starting to see a turn, and work levels picking up, you need a communication device that will increase productivity, reduce costs and ultimately, ensure your team is safe. The oil and gas industry is a tough one and, due to the volatile nature of these environments, there… Read More»


6 Incredible Features of the Motorola XPR3500e

If you’re looking to be more efficient, better connected and, ultimately, safer in your workplace, then the XPR3500e two way radio is a top contender in making that happen. This MotoTRBO two way radio is known as an option to meet the needs of a number of industries and, at a cost effective price and… Read More»