February 2017

Construction Site Two Way Radios

5 Ways Two Way Radios Make Construction Easier

Canada is known for having one of the largest, and strongest, construction industries in the world – in commercial, residential and infrastructure development. This industry, which dates back long before the official founding of Canada in 1867, is often busier during strong economic times, but has remained a strong factor in Canada’s GDP on an… Read More»

Two Way Radios in Business

6 Signs Your Team Needs the Switch to Two Way Radios

In work environments big and small, there is a huge benefit to team communication – and for all levels of the workplace. As various technologies have developed, the two way radio has remained a consistent, and reliable tool for communication across various industries. If your business has a focus on driving efficiency, productivity and, above… Read More»

Newfoundland Two Way Radios

5 Industries In Newfoundland That
Benefit From Two Way Radios

Newfoundlanders are known as salt of the earth people. Like the rest of Canadians, they are hard workers who will dedicate long hours to a task and to ensuring it gets done well – and right. This is the essence of efficiency, and only part of what makes up the hardworking people across industries in… Read More»

Motorola Minitor 6 Page - Fire Departments

Minitor 6 Charging Issues? Four Steps To Take

The Minitor 6 pager from Motorola have become a reliable tool for communication among volunteer firefighters across the country. With new features such as 16 minutes of voice recording, customizable call alerts, rugged design and intrinsically safe options, the Minitor 6 is the best of the best for pagers from Motorola – and designed with… Read More»

Agriculture Two Way Radios

5 Reasons Two Way Radios Shine in Agriculture

Canada is one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products in the world. Long before the country was officially founded in 1867, Canada has had a vast array of agricultural history that has made the industry, and the country, what it is today. To this day, with close to 250,000 small and large… Read More»

Construction Utilities Two Way Radios

3 Best Two Way Radios for Utilities and Construction

Employees of construction and renewable energy industries put in a hard day’s work. These rugged industries work year round, and across Canada, and put the equipment they use throughout the day through the ropes. These industries have long days in what can be extreme temperature ranges and weather conditions that make up Canadian seasons, and… Read More»