Emergency Services

Size Comparison Two Way Radio (Large)

When Size Really Does Matter –
With Your Two Way Radio

The industry you work in can determine the amount of gear and technology you carry on your person throughout a shift. A number of industries are carrying or wearing things like tools, safety gear and more, but an important part of most industry tool belts is a communication tool. And the majority of Canadian industries… Read More»

Firefighter Two Way Radio

Annual Two Way Radio Training Benefits Firefighters

In volunteer and fully manned fire stations across Canada, members are always on the move and, often times, changing. Whether it’s new members, or new roles within the department, these firefighters go through a series of annual training efforts to ensure that, when they get a call, they can respond as safely and effectively as… Read More»

Motorola Don't Do

5 ‘Don’ts’ With Your Two Way Radio

If you’re a portable two way radio user, you probably use the technology a lot. Whether you carry it on your person or close to you throughout the work day, there are obvious things that you shouldn’t be doing as it can put a strain on your two way radio. Inevitably, your radio is going… Read More»

Two Way Radio Antenna

How to Choose the Right Two Way Radio Antenna

The antenna on your two way radio is more important than you might realize. If an antenna is damaged, or altered in some way, it can affect your radios ability to communicate with your team – and impact the efficiency and productivity the technology provides your workplace. If you have a two way radio, and… Read More»

Two way radio battery charger

Will Your New Two Way Radio Work With Older Fleet Models?

Investing in a large, new fleet of two way radios can be a costly endeavour if you require lots of radios for your team. Depending on the needs of your workforce, there are ways to make that investment a little easier on your pocketbook. Here at Nova Communications, we are often asked whether newer two… Read More»

MotoTRBO Two Way Radio

4 Workplace Communication Options Outdone By Two Way Radios

Communication in a workplace is still a driving force for efficiency, productivity and safety. It keeps your employees and team members in connection with the happenings of the day, and sets expectations as plans change. A number of industries across Canada continue to rely on two way radio technology as their form of team communication… Read More»

MotoTRBO Two Way Radio

5 Reasons Why Two Way Radios Rentals May Suit Your Business

Not every organization who requires a two way radio for communication among its team needs to purchase the technology. Often times, organizations want to increase talking abilities for a limited time, or to complement the needs at that moment. Seasonal industries, for example, don’t require any radios outside of their season – and it’s of… Read More»

MotoTRBO Two Way Radios

Motorola ‘E Series’ Two Way Radios Take Digital to New Level

Among a number of Canadian industries, two way radios have continued to be a reliable form of communication from construction site, hotel lobby to plant floor, and beyond. With the advent of digital two way radio technology, that reliance as both a source of productivity, safety and customer service has continued to grow. The MotoTRBO… Read More»

Mobile Two Way Radio

Portable vs. Mobile Two Way Radio –
What’s Your Best Bet

The use of two way radios has changed drastically over the last 30 years – and not in the way you think. Users of the technology continue to rely on two way radios to provide the communication they need to excel in a productive, efficient and safe work environment. In fact, the number of industries… Read More»

Two Way Radio Durability

How Long Do Two Way Radios Last?
5 Things You Should Know

Like any technology, the length of time you can expect it to last depends on two things – the quality of the product and the way you treat it. The same can be said for two way radios. Typically the rule of thumb is the more you spend on technology, the higher quality the product.… Read More»