Top Three Two Way Radios for Indoor and Outdoor Use

When considering purchasing a two way radio system, one of the most important factors to consider is where the devices will be used. For example, devices that are intended for use in harsh outdoor situations have different features than those intended solely for indoor, close-range use. But what if you need a device that performs… Read More»


Popular Two Way Radios for $500 & Under

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. Regardless of your industry, having the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with your team is extremely important. 2 way radios come in handy for a variety of business situations, from safety to monitoring resources and workflow in manufacturing, to providing constant contact between your team members.

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How to Select the Right Two Way Radio Frequency

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate 2 way radio frequency for your organization, making the best choice ultimately comes down to how you plan to use your radios. Each frequency band has advantages for specific applications – for example, higher frequencies will have better in-building penetration but a decreased range.


How Do Motorola IMPRES Batteries Have Better Life for Two Way Radios?

For over a decade, Motorola IMPRES radio batteries have been there when it mattered most – whether for a business rushing deliveries to their scheduled destination or a firefighter maneuvering through smoke at the scene of an accident. There is only one battery they trust to extend the performance of their two way radios: the Motorola… Read More»

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Best Two Way Radios for Indoor Use

Businesses of all backgrounds and sizes are benefiting from the improved communication that two way radios provide. Whether your employees are in settings as diverse as schools, warehouses or retail and manufacturing facilities, the ability to have constant contact regardless of location on-site is extremely import, improving safety and security and gaining efficiency with real-time information. There… Read More»


Seven Advantages of Digital Two Way Radios

While radio devices have changed over the years becoming smaller, more lightweight and more feature-rich, the technology behind two way radios has largely remained the same until very recently, using analog technology to power communication. While much of the technology we use day-to-day has quickly become digital, two way radio is one of the last… Read More»


Four Motorola Two Way Radios That Help With Hotel Customer Service

With the summer coming soon, hotels are starting to prepare for the increase in vacationing families and tourists visiting all the great locations in Canada. Regardless if you are a hotel in Banff, Toronto, or Halifax, you have the same pressure to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase customer service. Motorola two way radios are… Read More»


Product Review: Motorola CP200 Two Way Radio

Updated Info – Upgraded Motorola CP200D The Motorola CP200 was discontinued in the Fall of 2104.  But don’t fear it was replaced by the upgraded CP200D.  Motorola must have been reading our post, the only knock we had on the CP200 was that it was not MotoTRBO Digital compliant but, with the new CP200D, that… Read More»