Intrinsically Safe Radios

Two Way Radios in Business

6 Signs Your Team Needs the Switch to Two Way Radios

In work environments big and small, there is a huge benefit to team communication – and for all levels of the workplace. As various technologies have developed, the two way radio has remained a consistent, and reliable tool for communication across various industries. If your business has a focus on driving efficiency, productivity and, above… Read More»

Newfoundland Two Way Radios

5 Industries In Newfoundland That
Benefit From Two Way Radios

Newfoundlanders are known as salt of the earth people. Like the rest of Canadians, they are hard workers who will dedicate long hours to a task and to ensuring it gets done well – and right. This is the essence of efficiency, and only part of what makes up the hardworking people across industries in… Read More»

Agriculture Two Way Radios

5 Reasons Two Way Radios Shine in Agriculture

Canada is one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products in the world. Long before the country was officially founded in 1867, Canada has had a vast array of agricultural history that has made the industry, and the country, what it is today. To this day, with close to 250,000 small and large… Read More»

Construction Utilities Two Way Radios

3 Best Two Way Radios for Utilities and Construction

Employees of construction and renewable energy industries put in a hard day’s work. These rugged industries work year round, and across Canada, and put the equipment they use throughout the day through the ropes. These industries have long days in what can be extreme temperature ranges and weather conditions that make up Canadian seasons, and… Read More»

Motorola XPR6580 two-way radio blue

Motorola Cancels Production on XPR6580 CSA IS:
What You Need to Know

If you work in oil and gas, manufacturing or other tough industries, there is a good chance you’ve used or seen other colleagues using the XPR6580 CSA IS (Intrinsically Safe) portable two way radios – recognizable with its signature blue colour. These radios have been a reliable resource for hard, tough industries – and for… Read More»

Manufacturing and Team Communication

The Next Best Steps to Effective Team Communication in Plants

When it comes to working in plant environments – whether it’s manufacturing, warehousing or construction, the workforce is looking for two things – improving safety and increasing productivity. The demands of the consumer has provided increased pressure on these industries, which means efficiency in the workplace is more important than ever. So what can you… Read More»

Jessica New Moncton Hire

Growth Continues in Moncton Market
Recent Female Hire Makes Five

When Nova Communications expanded into Moncton, New Brunswick in 2015, we knew we were entering into a busy market. Our team, however, continues to expand – with three hires in the last year, including two Junior Technicians and a Senior Technician. The latest Junior Technician hire is Jessica Miller – who started with our team… Read More»

Ontario Map

6 Things Our Ontario Customers Are Saying About Us

Nova Communications is proud to be a company that serves a number of industries across Canada. The companies we often work with come to us with an aim of driving efficiency, productivity, increased customer service and safety in their business – and we couldn’t be happier to help them find solutions. Ontario is a province… Read More»

MotoTRBO Two Way Radio

8 Common Issues Customers Have With Two Way Radios – And How to Solve Them

Most radio systems in operation today in Canada are grandfathered analog systems, and that’s a problem for most users. Day in and day out we hear from customers that are experiencing a number of issues with their current radio systems. Whether it’s static or interference on their channel, poor range, problems with durability for work conditions,… Read More»

Map of Canada and Alberta

6 Things Our Alberta Customers Are Saying About Nova Communications

As a Canadian company, we are proud to have customers across the country – from coast-to-coast. We’re even prouder to service a number of different industries that make up the fabric of Canada – including public safety, oil and gas, agriculture, recreation and more. In fact, we’ve serviced all of those industries in Alberta alone!… Read More»