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A Look at Nova’s Partnership with Motorola Solutions

At Nova Communications, we want to be able to provide you, our customers, with the tools they need to run their day-to-day work efficiently and safely. In our 35 years of business, we have built a reputation for providing communication through technology sources that have kept your teams safe, efficient and productive. We celebrate a… Read More»

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Team of Two Way Radio Experts at Nova Expands

The Nova Communications team continues to grow – and we couldn’t be happier about it. With six people joining the team in 2016, our team of talent offers you, the customer, everything you need to get your communication questions answered. Our team continues to grow, and has expanded by one in 2017 – with the… Read More»

Two Way Radio

5 Benefits to a Spring ‘Tune-up’ For Your Two Way Radio

In a lot of ways, the spring season is an excuse for cleaning up and getting ready for summer. We do it at home, and it’s important to do it with the technology in our workplace. The majority of industries in Canada are coming up on their busiest seasons throughout spring and into fall, and… Read More»

Two Way Radio Emergency Preparedness

4 ‘In Case of Emergency’ Steps for Your Two Way Radios

In the workplace, the majority of teams have procedures in place for the ‘in case of emergency’ situation – committees are formed, muster stations are chosen for gathering, and team members often volunteer to help out if a situation should arise. A key part also in that process is having two way radios that are… Read More»

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5 Industries in Nunavut That Benefit from Two Way Radios

In the territories of Canada – whether it’s Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut – cellular coverage is not incredibly developed. Unlike the rest of Canada, these territories often only have signal abilities in major centres and cities – if at all. So what are industries in a place like Nunavut expected to do without proper… Read More»

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7 Reasons to Choose Commercial Grade Two Way Radios

We’ve heard it from our customers time and time again – they purchase a two way radio that they think will fill the communication issues they have in their workplace, but it doesn’t work how it’s intended to. Common issues we hear include reduced range, insignificant battery life, poor audio quality, very breakable, and unfortunately,… Read More»

SL300 Two Way Radio

7 Reasons the SL300 Two Way Radio is Small, But Mighty

Not every industry requires the same two way radio. In fact, within a company, not everyone requires the same radio for communication. While two way radios continue to be a reliable tool for teams to drive efficiency and productivity, it’s easy to assume that, like most technologies, the needs for team members vary with equipment.… Read More»

Lone Worker Two Way Radio

Two Way Radio Feature Protects Those Working Alone

Whether you think about it a lot or not, each and every one of us worries about safety. The safety of our loved ones, and those closest to us, along with the safety of those we work with on a daily basis. As a supervisor or manager in business, it’s your job to think about… Read More»

Construction Site Two Way Radios

5 Ways Two Way Radios Make Construction Easier

Canada is known for having one of the largest, and strongest, construction industries in the world – in commercial, residential and infrastructure development. This industry, which dates back long before the official founding of Canada in 1867, is often busier during strong economic times, but has remained a strong factor in Canada’s GDP on an… Read More»

Two Way Radios in Business

6 Signs Your Team Needs the Switch to Two Way Radios

In work environments big and small, there is a huge benefit to team communication – and for all levels of the workplace. As various technologies have developed, the two way radio has remained a consistent, and reliable tool for communication across various industries. If your business has a focus on driving efficiency, productivity and, above… Read More»