Two-Way Radio Batteries

MOTOTRBO Product Family

Top 10 of 10 Years of MOTOTRBO™

For 35 years Nova Communications has depended on Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ digital two way radios to deliver our clients with innovative technology designed to keep their businesses connected. From mobile to portable, rugged to sleek, the MOTOTRBO™ line delivers the perfect marriage of digital and voice integration, while keeping your conversations secure so your business stays… Read More»


Lengthening Portable Two Way Radio Batteries with Proper Maintenance

Do your portable radio batteries seem to drain quicker than you’d like? Batteries rely on a chemical reaction to generate voltage. Therefore, the life of the battery depends on the integrity of the surfaces generating the chemical reaction. If the material and the external shell are not cared for in a proper fashion, their characteristics… Read More»


The Value of Choosing IMPRES Batteries

The ability for you to do your job on a daily basis with two way radios as your communication tool is contingent on a number of factors. First of all, you must have a radio that you know you can rely on, that can stand up to the durability you require – whether it’s tough… Read More»


Maintenance of Motorola Batteries for Portable Radio: Tips for the Best Care, Including Recycling

Motorola continues to make the best portable two way radios in the marketplace, but no one can appreciate their superior features unless they have reliable batteries. Some tend to forget that maintenance of portable radio batteries is essential to keeping two way radios functioning as best they can. It’s important to think about the various… Read More»


Durability of Motorola Two Way Radios: Specialized Testing for Tough Work Environments

As someone who works in an industry requiring employees to work in physically and environmentally tough conditions, you need to have durable two way radios to properly communicate. The last thing you want are radios that don’t work because they can’t keep up with excessive dust, high levels of heat, or extremely cold temperatures. Motorola… Read More»

Canada Day at Nova Communications

Canada Day – Why We Care At Nova Communications

On this Canada Day, we want to let you know why Canada is so important to Nova Communications. You see, like each of you, we are proud to be Canadian. As a Canadian company, we’re honoured to serve our customers across the country, from British Columbia to Newfoundland. From our customers in the manufacturing industry at Metrie, to the Original Cakerie in Delta… Read More»


Battery Options for HT750 or HT1250 Radios: IMPRES and non-IMPRES Batteries as Industry Leaders

Motorola never stops innovating on their two way radio technologies, but they all need suitable battery power to operate efficiently. The company takes this seriously by providing the best batteries you need to keep communication going during various workplace situations. It’s in Motorola’s HT-series of radios where you get the most durability, ruggedness and reliability… Read More»


What is the Warranty of Motorola Batteries?

One of the top questions we get asked by our customers is “what is the warranty on batteries?” Every year, Nova Communications sells thousands of Motorola batteries, and most of the time they perform well above specs and warranties. Not surprising because Motorola customers have known for a long time the quality in Motorola batteries… Read More»


Motorola CP200 Series Two Way Radio Battery Options

Everyday we get calls from customers wondering which battery will fit on their Motorola CP200 or Motorola CP200d two way radios. We thought we would take a couple of minutes and see if we can help you by giving an easy guide for our customers. A couple of interesting facts about the Motorola CP200 Series… Read More»


3 Reasons Two Way Radios Are Better Than Cellular Phones In An Emergency

In case of a emergency within your company or a natural disaster, how will you keep in contact with your employees? The reality is, no matter how good your mobile phone service is, if the lines are overburdened, or if they are inaccessible, you’ll be without communication. This isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a situation… Read More»

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