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Boost Efficiency And Profitability

Every industrial organization knows it’s about operating faster and leaner. And operational excellence – increasing productivity and quality while minimizing costs – is at the heart of staying competitive.

This is where SCADA and IoT (IIoT) come in. SCADA, connecting machines to wireless networks, has been a hallmark of every industrial plant for years. This system has allowed for the collection of information from sensors and the automation of processes as well as monitoring and remote control of equipment.

IoT (and IIoT) takes this a step further, offering even more data to improve operations for more powerful results, especially when SCADA and IIoT are integrated together.  The total number of IoT connected devices will reach 75.44 billion worldwide by 2025, representing a fivefold increase in ten years.

Nova Communications is home to industry-leading RF engineers in the design and implementation of IIoT networks. We have also partnered with Advantech, the global leader in IoT intelligent systems with 35+ years behind them to expand our IoT portfolio.

  • Boost Operational Efficiency And Profitability. From iFactory to iHealthcare, IIoT solutions boost operational efficiency and profitability across a range of sectors, from factories to retail and even healthcare. For instance, IIoT can help factories with real-time management, production optimization via a paperless factory and data-driven decision making. Meanwhile, it can help hospitals create more patient-centered healthcare environments via “Smart Hospitals”: point-of-care computing, integrated operating rooms, closed-loop medication integration administration and telehealth applications. Read more about how IoT can help different industries here.

IoT (IIoT) Applications:

  • iFactory and industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • iLogistics
  • iHealthcare
  • iRetail and hospitality