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Minitor VI Pagers

Motorola Minitor 6 Pager

Motorola Minitor 6 pager is designed for volunteer fire departments. The Minitor 6 has a compact package, loud audio, and vibrating tone options to signal your team to respond quickly. With 16 minutes of voice storage urgent messages will never be missed.

The new Minitor pager is now wideband for easy programming and ability to work with partnering departments. Minitor 6 has both 1 and 5 channels models available to fit your departments requirements. For departments that need Intrinsically Safe the Minitor 6 can now be order with this feature. Available in VHF and UHF models the Minitor 6 is quickly becoming the standard pager for fire departments in Canada

Our technical team has the test equipment, tools, safety gear, and support to get your wireless systems installed and working optimally. They also bring access to the expertise and resources of our partners, such as Motorola SolutionsZebraCisco and others.

Nova Communications is registered to ISO9001:2015 quality standard.

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