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Open Access Networks

Connectivity is essential for cities, towns, and municipalities to function. It’s how public services like healthcare, education, public safety, and  businesses can operate within them.

Broadband brings powerful economic and social benefits for both urban and rural areas, but the biggest challenge for these communities is the high cost of building networks. The solution is an Open Access Network, a self-funded and revenue-generating approach, designed for rural communities.

Nova Communications has brought together a consortium of best-in-class partners capable of providing communities with affordable and high quality Municipally or Cooperative owned broadband networks. This consortium allows communities across Canada the ability to have 100% coverage of high-speed future-proof internet with speeds that meet or exceed the CRTC’s guidelines.

How The Open Access Model Works

The model brings together key stakeholders in a format that is equitable, self-sustaining and most importantly provides fast and competitively priced internet for people in the communities.

  • The Network Owner funds the construction and has no direct contact with retailers or end-users.
  • The Operator runs the network. Hired by the owner to oversee construction, maintain the network service on a wholesale basis with retailers.
  • The Retailers provide consumer services by purchasing access to the network from the operator and sells consumer services like internet, telephone or TV to the end-user. Retailers market and brand as well as sell to the consumer and provide customer service.
  • The End-User gets online and is a customer on a retail level. They buy services for their home or office and get bills and service from the retailer.


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