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The Benefits of Shopping with Nova for Two Way Radio Packages

Whether you’re a new two way radio user, or looking to upgrade your existing system, there’s benefit in knowing what you’re getting when you make that purchase. While the Standard Two Way Radio Package from Nova Communications contains more than you might expect, you may need further items to make your communications top end in… Read More»

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Two Way Radio Terms and Acronyms

Customers that are new to the use of Motorola two way radios may have been confronted with a number of abbreviations or acronyms that they don’t understand – or have never had to. We here at Nova Communications know that, while we understand a number of these terms, you may not, so we’re breaking down… Read More»

motorola two way radios XPR3300 & CP200D

XPR3300 vs. CP200D – What Is the Best Two Way Radio For You?

There is no denying the value of two way radios in industries where communication is a priority among team members. Access to durable, reliable communication tools helps ensure efficiency and safety in the workplace. When it comes to industries such as education, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and security organizations, there are a number of solid two… Read More»

MOTOTRBO IMPRES 3 two way radios

The Value of Choosing IMPRES Batteries

The ability for you to do your job on a daily basis with two way radios as your communication tool is contingent on a number of factors. First of all, you must have a radio that you know you can rely on, that can stand up to the durability you require – whether it’s tough… Read More»

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Upgrading Your Two Way Radio to Digital

Have you had your Motorola two way radio for more than 10 years? If that’s the case, there’s a likelihood that you’re using an older, analog technology – and it may be time for an upgrade. While the analog systems still work quite well today, the digital technology for two way radios has become the… Read More»

MotoTRBO Two Way Radios

Online Shopping Tool Benefits Nova Customers

Sometimes shopping from the comfort of your office chair or living room is the ideal situation. With that in mind, Nova Communications has the tool to ensure that, whenever you are ready to do your shopping, or want to learn more about two way radio products and accessories, you can do so via our online… Read More»

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Two Way Radios in Movies – What Do They Show?

We’ve seen it before – the movie scene where emergency personnel save the day after making quick calls to their colleagues on two way radios, or comedic scenes where characters use walkie talkies to taunt their enemy. The true hero in these cases? Sometimes it’s the communication device! Hollywood productions don’t shy from showing the… Read More»

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Safety Certifications at Nova Communications: Ensuring Installations and Maintenance Get Done Safely

Here at Nova Communications, we’ve helped many Canadian companies with their technology needs, which includes installation and maintenance. We do this through our expert field technicians who give you the technological upgrades needed to make your company run optimally. But if you have concerns about technicians working in challenging environments, you probably wonder about their… Read More»