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Tait two way radios in Nova Scotia

Introducing the TP3 from Tait Communications

The TP3 was created for business and industrial settings, designed to be the most versatile and cost-effective radio on the market. This device is redefining the meaning of ‘entry-level radio’. Usually, this means basic push-to-talk without any of the bells and whistles, but the TP3 went a step further (more like 10) and built-in advanced… Read More»

Man using two-way radio at work site

How Transportation and Logistics Companies Stay Connected

We all know that in order to pull off a successful operation, the entire team needs to be able to communicate effectively. The transportation and logistics industry has added complications when it comes to communicating because of all the moving parts that make up their operations. Teams are spread out over a wide area or… Read More»

Hytera PD7 two-way radios

Benefits of the Hytera PD7 Series

The Hytera PD7 Series impresses not only because of its durable and handy design, but also because of the enhanced voice quality and comprehensive PMR functionality. From the manufacturing floor to hospitals and construction sites, Hytera two way radios are synonymous with reliability, durability, and safety when your team has mission-critical messages that need to… Read More»

Mototrbo Capacity Max

MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Max – The Next Phase in Trunking

Whether your operation is confined to a single campus or stretches across the entire province, your communications solution should be capable of adapting to the needs and growth of your business. Bringing together feedback and real-world field testing of DMR-based trunking systems, Motorola has developed a new versatile, scalable trunking solution. The MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Max… Read More»

Two way radio battery charger

The Top 10 Battery Care Tips For Your Motorola Radio

No one has time to deal with the headache of constantly swapping out or recharging batteries, especially when you have a job to do. Whether you’re a volunteer firefighter going on call in the middle of the night, or a hotel manager ensuring your team delivers a seamless guest experience, you need to trust that… Read More»

Two way radios recreation and events

Two Way Radio Rentals for Seamless Event and Recreation Management

It’s summertime in Canada and that means tourist season is in full swing and the events are non-stop, keeping cities across the country running at full speed. From planning your local jazz festival to big-ticket concerts, or managing a fully booked golf course, your main goal is to pull everything off without a hitch. In… Read More»

mountains causing terrain challenge for radio communications

The Safety Connection: How Nova Communications Created High-Capacity Connectivity in Yellowhead County

Yellowhead County, a municipal district in West Central Alberta was formed when the province of Alberta was in a downsizing phase in the mid-1990’s, encompassing the towns of Edson and Hinton. Yellowhead County is home to almost 11,000 residents and spans over 22,000 square kilometres. Yellowhead County faced a problem when their primary communications system… Read More»

Workers in hard hats on a platform

Everything You Need to Know About Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Radios

For industries that are exposed to combustible materials such as vapours and dust, or flammable chemicals and gasses, workers require an extra level of protection. You need devices that will uphold in the environment – not ones that will become a hazard and end up risking your safety. When you need a device that will… Read More»

ICOM advanced radio system IP501H

Why You Should Get Excited About Icom’s New IP501H LTE Transceiver

The new IP501H LTE from Icom provides users with the unique experience of having telephone-style communication but without the restrictions that come with cell phones such as dropped calls under poor coverage, or environmental factors such as water or dust that could damage the phone. This Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio operates on an LTE (4G)… Read More»

Farm machinery lined up on farm at sunset

Top 4 Reasons Why the XPR2500 Mobile Two-Way Radio is Perfect for Agriculture and Forestry

In your industries, there is no such thing as a typical 9-5 work day. You usually start before the sun rises and don’t finish until long after everyone else has gone home. During those long shifts, you need technology you can count on to make it through the workday. This is why our customers in… Read More»