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Canada is known for its rugged terrain and weather that is unpredictable and harsh. Customers that work outside in the elements, such as in agriculture and forestry industries, require two-way radios that are durable enough to work optimally in these conditions. Motorola two-way radios have earned a reputation for durability and performance in harsh environments. Whether you require VHF radios to communicate long distances in your vehicles or equipment, waterproof radios to handle rain or snow, or extended battery life for the long days that are often required in Canada, Nova Communications can help.

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Motorola XPR7550 MotoTRBO Digital Radio

Motorola XPR7550 MotoTRBO digital radio is the industry leader for features and capabilities. Built for Emergency Services, Manufacturing, Forestry, Utilities, and Construction industries the Motorola XPR7550 will hold up in harsh enviroments