Construction contractors have long known the advantages of working with of Motorola radios, such as quality and durability. Nova Communications has worked with hundreds of companies to find the right construction radios for their project or operation. Whether you are a crane operator looking to communicate with your crew on the ground, a manager looking to protect your team by implementing quality and clear two-way radios for flagging crews, or a worker running electrical or fire systems in a new building, we have the right construction radios to help you streamline communications and keep your staff safe.

Construction businesses demand high-quality equipment because your crews could be working in all conditions, weather, and because of the rugged nature of your staff’s tasks. Motorola two-way radios are true to their reliable reputation and offer features important to construction companies, like waterproofing, clear in-building communications, and intelligent audio to block out loud noises on the site.

Nova Communications has the two-way radio you need to get the job done.

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MotoTRBO XPR7550e Two Way Radio
Best Seller

This radio, designed for skilled work environments is a high performing two way radio with a number of new features from the previous XPR7550 radio. If your goal is to keep your organization connected, safe and productive, then this two way radio, one of the toughest options out there, is built for you.