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When every second matters, fire departments, police departments, and ambulances depend on Motorola two-way radios and Nova Communications to help protect and serve our communities. With industry-leading P25 radios like the APX series or the revolutionary Motorola MotoTRBO digital radios, Nova Communications is helping first responders across Canada with the best quality two-way radio communications.

Volunteer fire departments are upgrading their analog radios to Motorola MotoTRBO digital radios. With over 1 million MotoTRBO radios sold around the world, customers are seeing the benefits of moving to digital radios. With features like waterproofing, Intelligent Audio, and the best battery life in the industry, your emergency service organization will have reliable communications in place in critical situations.

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MotoTRBO XPR7550e Two Way Radio
Best Seller

This radio, designed for skilled work environments is a high performing two way radio with a number of new features from the previous XPR7550 radio. If your goal is to keep your organization connected, safe and productive, then this two way radio, one of the toughest options out there, is built for you.
Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR5550E Digital Two Way Radio

Motorola XPR5550e MOTOTRBO™ digital radios are built for Canada's toughest customers that need the functionality of digital and the durability of Motorola radios. Motorola's XPR5550e radio is perfect for users on the move, including oil and gas, utilities, transportation and logistics, construction, and so much more!