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Whether you are constructing or managing a wind farm, working at a power plant, or on the road making sure that customers have power to help run our daily lives, Nova Communications and Motorola two-way radios can help you to do your job safely and effectively.  Nova Communications has a full line up of portable radios, mobile radios, batteries, and accessories for two-way radios that are ideal for the demands of the utility and renewable energy sectors.

Many radio users in the utility and renewable energy industry have made the move to Motorola MotoTRBO digital radio technology. With 30% better coverage, 40% longer battery life, and the most durable and reliable radios on the market, Nova Communications and Motorola are helping to power our communities. Get in touch with one of our experts today to help find your renewable energy and utilities radios.

Best Sellers: Utilities & Renewable Energy

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MotoTRBO XPR7550e Two Way Radio
Best Seller

This radio, designed for skilled work environments is a high performing two way radio with a number of new features from the previous XPR7550 radio. If your goal is to keep your organization connected, safe and productive, then this two way radio, one of the toughest options out there, is built for you.
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