Satellite Phones

Satellite phones have gone from exotic and expensive to mainstream and affordable. Our need for anytime/anywhere communications has driven demand, while reduced hardware and airtime costs have made them more common.SatPhone_Worker

These devices now deliver voice calling as well as data services such as text messaging and WiFi. Nova deploys easy-to-use satellite phones for a wide range of applications:

  • Remote resource industries such as mining
  • Emergency measures and first responders
  • International business travellers
  • Pilots, offshore sailors, and truckers
  • Remote residents and hospitality industry
  • Redundancy for mission-critical communications
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) applications

The life-saving power of a satellite phone is highlighted by the rescue of a ship’s crew off Sable Island on Canada’s east coast. Click here to read the story.

Nova Communications is a proud Iridium Canada partner for satellite phone networks. Our customers are well-served by Iridium, with it being the only provider for true global coverage including the poles, while offering a wide range of products and services.  Iridium Canada has proven reliability for our many satellite phone customers.

Popular Iridium offerings from Nova Communications include:

  • Iridium 9555 satellite phone–compact, easy to use with industrial-grade ruggedness
  • Iridium Extreme satellite phone–toughest handset with additional features
  • Iridium AxcessPoint–accessory for your Iridium phone that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, letting you access broadband data over your smartphone
  • Iridium GO!–unique compact portable unit for voice calls, WiFi data and Twitter posts