P25 Public Safety

Project 25 (P25) is the standard for public safety two-way in Canada and the US, much as TETRA is in Europe and the Middle East. Nova works with the primary users of P25 who are first responders such as fire, police, ambulance, Emergency Measures Organizations (EMO), boarder security, defense and agencies who work closely with first responders in emergencies.

EMS_LargePublic safety two-way radio in Canada is moving to P25 for many reasons:

  • P25 equipment and systems offer high-tier robustness, redundancy and encryption
  • Are scalable to support multiple agencies operating on shared systems
  • Data capabilities such as GPS location services, text messaging and emergency signaling
  • High-tier mobile and portable radio choices designed specifically for public safety
  • P25 is the default for deployment on the new 700MHz public safety spectrum in Canada
  • Integration with high-tier public safety consoles
  • Powerful management tools for mission-critical operations and planning

P25 has attracted almost every major two-way radio manufacturer including: Motorola Solutions, Harris, Icom, Kenwood, Tait and Vertex Standard. Others such as Cisco, Aeroflex and Avtec have also tailored offerings for P25 systems.

In Canada, the market is moving to shared province-wide systems which are used by multiple agencies with extensive interoperability. An example is the fore-running TMR system in Nova Scotia which has now in its second iteration as TMR2. These networks are frequently operated by carriers such as Bell Mobility.

Nova works closely with partners such as Motorola Solutions and Bell Mobility as required to meet the needs of our public safety customers with:

  • Design, installation and support of consoles such as the Motorola MCC7500
  • P25 subscriber equipment like the Motorola APX 6000 portable or APX 4500 mobile
  • Accessories for most manufacturers for current and recently discontinued models like XTS-XTL series
  • Public safety headsets from leading suppliers like 3M Peltor, Firecom, David Clark, Setcom and Motorola
  • Site equipment installation, commission and on-going support
  • System backhaul over licenced frequencies like 4.9GHz or microwave using PTP equipment from Cambium or others
  • P25 system design and documentation in accordance with our ISO9001 quality processes

Nova Communications has P25 experience and lengthy track record with public safety to understand your requirements and assist with your P25 technology.