Point to Point

Bandwidth demands continue to grow around the world, fueled by increasingly adopted applications such as video. Wireless point to point links (PTP) are a powerful way to connect two locations via IP connectivity. These links range from 1 Mbps to more than 1 Gbps of throughput, and are fully monitorable.  PTP_Link

ROCK Networks and Nova Communications, a division of ROCK Networks, deploys PTP links for a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Wireless backhaul for video surveillance
  • Backbone for rural broadband, frequently in combination with point-to-multipoint
  • Bandwidth for new cellular sites
  • Network extensions for companies and government
  • High-reliability network in areas where no wired options exist
  • Backhaul to connect digital radio sites, creating wide area systems
  • System control from utility grids to municipal water supplies
  • Redundancy for wired or fibre infrastructure

We have a number of industry-leading partners who each bring unique PTP product offerings, including Cambium Networks, Nokia, and Cisco. These offerings span both licensed and license-free spectrums, with a wide variety of applications and bandwidth.

Customers choose PTP technologies for the benefit of:

  • Faster deployment than wired options
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Creating network connectivity where none exists
  • Controlling their own network

We can accelerate your PTP deployment with path analysis, site selection, system design, equipment supplying, system configuration and staging, field commissioning and ongoing support.