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NNTN8296 - Mission Critical Wireless Covert Kit

Motorola NNTN8296 - This mission critical wireless Bluetooth covert kit is made for surveillance situations - providing everything needed when heading out for duty. Kit includes two sets of two-wire earbud headphones, a single wire earbud headphone and an adapter for plugging in any consumer headphones and ensures officers have everything they need to make discreet options possible.
NNTN8442 - Wireless Remote Control Key FOB

Motorola NNTN8442 - Designed for mission critical wireless earpieces, this fob with programmable buttons is compatible with the APX4000, APX6000, APX7000 and APX8000 two way radios from Motorola. Ideal for discreet operations and use in surveillance type situations.
NTN2571 - Mission Critical Wireless Push-to-Talk Pod

Motorola NTN2571 - This mission critical Bluetooth wireless push-to-talk pod offers quick ability to seamlessly and wirelessly connect with any earpiece attached to your two way radio. If your radio is out of reach, or being discreetly hid for security issues, this pod enables communication from wherever you want to have it - pockets, lapel clip etc. Ensure every word is heard and secure in those important of times with this fantastic accessory.