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HLN6925 - Control Station Mount

Motorola HLN6925 - Built for those who require a control station for their two way radio, this control station mount will enable you to keep your two way radio in a specific place throughout the work day. Compatible with the Motorola XTL1500.
HSN1006 - External Car Speaker Kit

Motorola HSN1006 - Perfect for added listening in noisy work environments, this external car speaker kit is made to work with two way radios. This is a replacement for the discontinued Motorola HSN1000B. Compatible with the CM200, CM200D, CM300 and CM300D radios, along with CDM and EM/PRO series two way radios.
Motorola RSN4001 - External 13W Speaker

If you're looking to amplify your sound in noisy conditions and environments, this is the speaker for you. This external 13W speaker is meant for rugged work environments. An extra boost in any vehicle for a number of mobile two way radios! Compatible with the CM200, CM300, PM400 and XPR2500.