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RLN4856 - Footswitch with Remote Push-to-Talk

Motorola RLN4856 - If you're a two way radio user on the go, and want to ensure you're paying more attention to the road than speaking into your radio, this is a great accessory to consider. This foot switch with remote push-to-talk feature allows you to activate the button, mounted to the floor, which would activate a handsfree visor mic. Compatible with the CDM series, CM series and XPR2500 two way radios.
RLN4857 - Pushbutton with Remote Push-to-Talk

Motorola RLN4857 - This push button with remote push-to-talk features can be held or mounted to your vehicle for quick connecting to your two way radio. Must be used with AARMN4027 visor microphone. Compatible with CM series and XPR2500 series mobile two way radios.
RLN5288 - Public Address Kit w/ Interface Cable

Motorola RLN5288 - This public address kit with interface cable is built with the ability to relay important messages in mind at anything from public events, campuses or commercial spaces (and more!) These accessories can help you get the word out whether it's from a vehicle or from a desktop station through speakers at a fixed location. Compatible with CM200, CM300, CDM1550 and PM400 two way radios.