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You will need to charge your radio after every usage, and Motorola two-way radio battery chargers are built for the daily use required by two-way radio customers.

Compact, quick, and versatile, most Motorola chargers will fully charge your radios battery in only 60-90 minutes. Motorola IMPRES batteries and chargers communicate to provide the best charging and battery life experience in the market.

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WPLN4182 - IMPRES, Single-Unit Rapid Rate Charger

This WPLN4182 single-unit smart energy IMPRES charger is built to optimize your time and quickly charge your HT Series units. You can safely leave batteries on the charger for extended periods, keeping them fully charged when you need them, without subjecting them to heat damage. Compatible with HT750 and HT1250 radios.
ENKN4002 - Programming Cable for VHF and UHF Vehicular Adapters

Motorola ENKN4002 - This vehicle adapter from Motorola detects the chemistry of portable two way radio batteries and selects the optimal charging method while also providing power for in-vehicle use. Compatible with the HT1250 and HT1550 portable radios, along with a number of radios from the MTX Series by Motorola.
EPNN7997 - 10 Hour Plug-In Charger

Motorola EPNN7997 - This Motorola 10-hour plug-in charger has been discontinued by Motorola and is no longer available in stock. If you're looking for this charger for either your CP200 or CP185 two way radio, please order the desktop charger, item number WPLN4138.
NNTN7586 - APX IMPRES Dual-Unit Charger

Motorola NNTN7586 - This unit, developed by Motorola, is ideal for those in public safety or otherwise who want to have a spare battery available and ready to use at all times. The dual pocket design allows charging of both primary and secondary batteries simultaneously. Additional features include the ability to turn on/off reconditioning, reduced reconditioning time and improved energy efficiency. Compatible with the APX7000 and APX7000e radios.
NNTN7618 - IMPRES Vehicular Charger (Hard Install)

Motorola NNTN7618 - This vehicular charger has full IMPRES charger to battery communication to ensure IMPRES battery logging data continues in your vehicle. This does not, however, recondition your IMPRES batteries, while charging in your vehicle, but will indicate to you when conditioning is required. A great tool to have for users on the go.
NNTN8169 - Insert Single-Unit Charger Converter

Motorola NNTN8169 - If you have an existing XTS Series multi-unit charger, this insert adapter allows you to charge select APX4000 two way radio batteries in the charging station without having to purchase a new unit. Charger insert is only compatible with software units with 3.4 or greater. For those with multiple devices, this is a great tool to have.
NNTN8275 - Rapid Rate Single-Unit Charger

Motorola NNTN8275 - This rapid rate, single-unit charger is for non-IMPRES batteries from the MotoTRBO line of two way radio batteries. Compatible with the XPR3000 and XPR7000 series of two way radios for easy use, this is a great tool to have in the shop or for users on the go.
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