Motorola Two-Way Radio Batteries

Your radio only works as well as the battery powering it

Whether you’re a volunteer firefighter going to a call in the middle of the night, or working on the manufacturing floor, you need a dependable, long-lasting two-way radio battery. Nova Communications and Motorola believe strongly in this, and supply only the best two-way radio batteries for your work environment.

Motorola’s Proven Tough batteries are vibration, shock, and drop-tested to allow the reliability you need for your radios. Download the whitepaper here and learn how the most popular two-way radio batteries measure up when put to the test.

All two-way radio batteries sold at Nova Communications are either Motorola Original or Motorola IMPRES batteries, giving you confidence you need for your operation. We also support our batteries with a minimum 1-year warranty and that they’ll be working at at least 80% capacity.

Best Sellers: Motorola Two-Way Radio Batteries

Motorola HNN9009 - 1900 mAh HT Series Battery
Best Seller

If you're looking for spare batteries for your HT series radios, this is a great high capacity product for just that - with up to 10 hours of power for longer work days! This HNN9009 1900mAh battery will work with the HT750 and HT1250 radios, and is incredibly functional and durable for all types of workplaces.

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