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Handheld Portable Two-Way Radios for All Industries

For onsite communication, portable two-way radios (more commonly known as “walkie talkies”) can help your employees stay connected in real time, enhancing productivity and safety. This is especially true for industries like education, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, emergency services, agriculture, government organizations and more.

As a Motorola Platinum Channel Partner, Nova Communications has been helping organizations across Canada for over 30 years by equipping them with the reliable portable two-way radios they need. With industry-leading inventory levels, we can get your portable two-way radios shipped typically within the same day as your order.

We also have Canada’s largest online selection of Motorola MotoTRBO digital two-way radios. Motorola’s XPR Series digital two-way radios are the next generation of portable two-way radios, with features like noise suppression technology and increased battery life.

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All Portable Two-Way Radios

Motorola APX8000 All Frequency Band Portable Radio

The Motorola APX8000 is a major revolution on portable radio technology. The APX8000 has the ability to operate on 4 radio frequency spectrums (VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz) That allows for the best interoperability in the industry. With the large speaker for loud and clear audio.
Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR7580e CSA IS Two Way Radio

As a replacement Motorola radio from the XPR6580 IS, the XPR7580E CSA IS two way radio is improved and designed to meet your radio needs. With additional features, such as WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, higher military standards and an IP68 (dustproof and waterproof) rating, along with a technology built for hazardous work environments,.
Motorola SL7550e Compact MOTOTRBO Digital Two Way Radio

Motorola SL7550e is a sleek, light and thin profile portable two way radio, built for ultimate communication in hospitality, manufacturing, education, property management, and retail industries. With industry leading intelligent audio and Bluetooth functionality the SL7550 is designed for workers serving customers daily.