Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Radios

For customers that work in environments that can be hazardous and volatile, Nova Communications offers a full range of Intrinsically Safe two-way radios and accessories. These can include workplaces such as oil refineries, chemical processing plant, manufacturing facility, or even grain elevators. With safety a priority in all businesses, workers on the job need the security, reliability, and instant communications that two-way radios offer. As the leader in two-way radios and Intrinsically Safe radio technology, Motorola offers a full complement of FM (Factory Mutual) and CSA (Canadian Standard Association) two-way radios, headsets, microphones, and batteries.

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MotoTRBO XPR7550e Two Way Radio
Best Seller

This radio, designed for skilled work environments is a high performing two way radio with a number of new features from the previous XPR7550 radio. If your goal is to keep your organization connected, safe and productive, then this two way radio, one of the toughest options out there, is built for you.
Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR7580e CSA IS Two Way Radio

As a replacement Motorola radio from the XPR6580 IS, the XPR7580E CSA IS two way radio is improved and designed to meet your radio needs. With additional features, such as WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, higher military standards and an IP68 (dustproof and waterproof) rating, along with a technology built for hazardous work environments,.