P25 Radios

Project 25 (P25) radios are designed specifically for a suite of digital radio features that are used by federal, provincial, and local government public safety organizations. The main function of P25 radios is to allow various organizations and teams to communicate during emergency or mutual aid situations.

Motorola has taken a leadership role with P25 radios, offering innovative features such as IMPRES batteries, dual band radios, fully integrated touch screens, and industry-leading audio suppression that enable critical messages to be transmitted successfully.

Nova Communications supports the full line of Motorola P25 radios and all related accessories and batteries.

All P25 Radios

Motorola APX1500 P25 Mobile Radio

A great device for local government and public works departments, the Motorola APX1500 P25 Mobile Radio is functionality in a compact form. Built to keep you and your team connected, with noise suppression technology that finds the talker and cancels out background noise.
Motorola APX8000 All Frequency Band Portable Radio

The Motorola APX8000 is a major revolution on portable radio technology. The APX8000 has the ability to operate on 4 radio frequency spectrums (VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz) That allows for the best interoperability in the industry. With the large speaker for loud and clear audio.